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Welcome to the gateway of your Qigong journey!

Whether you're taking your first steps into Qigong or you're a seasoned student, we offer a range of programs to enrich and deepen your experience of this transformative practice. 

  • Join our Five Element Sync live monthly Zoom gatherings. Enjoy the benefits of live meetings, where you can directly learn from and interact with Adam and the community.
  • Enjoy a self-paced deep dive into Five Element Mastery. An online self-paced course where you will be guided along a path leading to mastery.
  • Start with one of our intro courses. These short courses will provide lessons and practices that are easy to learn yet profound in their impact.
  • Personal Qigong lessons if you prefer one-to-one training and guidance.
  • Private Quadrant Coaching to help you create and live the life you desire.

Courses & Programs 

Five Element SYNC

If you yearn for increased vitality, a deeper connection to your inner self, and the keys to unlocking your full potential, the Five Element Sync offers a transformative path with the resources you need for lasting change.

Do you want to experience SYNC? Click the button below to listen to samples from the previous session and join the next session for FREE!

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Five Element Mastery

Enjoy a deep dive into Five Element Mastery to uncover the dynamic interplay between the Five Elements and the Paramitas. You will discover how these principles synergize to amplify your qigong practice and its impact on your life.

By integrating these practices, you will witness a deeper faith in your qigong practice, enhance your energy healing abilities, and heighten your ability to manifest the life you desire. 

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3 Phase Qigong ~ Introductory Course

New to Qigong? Our introductory courses are a great way to get started. Lessons are designed to be easy to learn and simple to implement yet profoundly transformative.  Take the first steps to better health, reduced pain, more vitality, inner strength, and the ability to manifest a more abundant, joyful life. 

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3-Phase Qigong Mastery

3 Phase Qigong is simple and transformative!

  • Feel a TRUE connection between your mind and body.
  • Move with grace, agility and vitality.
  • Calm your mind and restore mental clarity.
  • Move with strength and control - and less pain.
  • Enhance your innate healing power.
  • Cultivate deep, natural, and restorative breathing.
  • Feel the Qi, your life-force energy! 
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Personal Coaching

Whether seeking guidance in your personal life or aiming to elevate your business to new heights, my coaching approach is versatile and adaptable. Drawing from the profound principles of Five Element Qigong, I’ll work closely with you to identify your goals, address challenges, and design a personalized roadmap for success. Together, we’ll integrate ancient wisdom with modern strategies, nurturing a holistic transformation that transcends conventional coaching paradigms.

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