Welcome to a path of Mastery, Vision & Freedom

Self-Discovery, Healing, and Empowerment

Meet Adam

With over two decades of experience teaching Qigong and meditation, I am a dedicated practitioner and mentor of this ancient healing art. My journey into mind-body modalities began at 19 when I sought solace from acute anxiety. Determined to find alternative solutions, I immersed myself in meditation, Tai Chi, and Qigong, which ultimately led me to the transformative power of Qigong practice.

A Calling to the Healing Path

I view my Qigong practice as more than a discipline—it's a duty. In a world that often tugs at our attention from external distractions, my mission is to help students like you discover your inner healing power. Together, we'll foster a deep connection to the healing energy within, empowering you to cultivate your Qi—the foundation of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Let's start talking about Vision, Mastery and Freedom! 

Overcoming anxiety was my first step. Now I am here to help you awaken your innate abilities to become Master of your life, cultivate your Vision, and experience true Freedom. 

A Masterful Encounter

Upon my return to Ashland, Oregon, in 2000, I crossed paths with my first full-time teacher and Master, Young Hee. Through Young Hee's teachings in "Dahn Hak," a Korean discipline rooted in ancient Qigong and meditation practices, I experienced profound healing and a newfound appreciation for the tangible energy of Qi. This revelation ignited my passion and set me on a lifelong path of exploration, mastery of Qigong, and energy healing.

The Art of Inner Healing

For me, Qigong is not just a personal practice; it's a means of cultivating inner healing amidst the world's noise. Grounded in my connection with Tao, the source of all life, I maintain focus on my True-Self and remain unswayed by external influences. This dedication fuels my desire to share my knowledge, tools, and practices with you, helping you discover your purpose and manifest your inner vision and true potential.

A Flexible Approach to Teaching

As your teacher, I embrace the principle of flexibility—a key tenet of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine. My unique teaching style caters to students of all ages, from young elementary pupils to wise souls in their 80s. I tailor my classes to suit your diverse needs, offering physical exercises, breathing techniques, energy sensitivity training, relaxation methods, affirmations, and meditations. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, I ensure you progress comfortably in your Qigong journey.

Unlocking the Transformative Power of Qigong

Countless students have experienced remarkable transformations under my guidance. From alleviating anxiety to finding purpose and freedom, Qigong has empowered them to lead more fulfilling lives and thrive by cultivating Qi.

A Gateway to Mastery, Vision, and Freedom

Through my classes, coaching, and self-study courses, I become your dedicated resource and coach. Whatever your preferred method of learning, I am here to support you. I will help you clarify your goals; then, we will craft a plan and practices to help you achieve them. My goal is to help you attain Mastery, Vision, and Freedom cultivating physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual connection, and ultimately live a happy, meaningful, and purpose-driven life. 

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment?

I invite you to join our vibrant Qigong community on this Mastery, Vision, and Freedom path. Together, we'll tap into the infinite well of health and vitality that lies within us, igniting a powerful energy that will benefit each of us individually and spread as a positive influence to the collective. Let's take this profound step forward and embrace the limitless potential that Qigong offers. Your empowering journey begins now!

Whether you are new to Qigong or a long time student we have a range of learning options to meet your personal goals and learning style!