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Qigong for the Metal Element

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Qigong to help you: 

  • Send healing energy to your lungs and large intestine.
  • Release sorrow and develop Courage and Perseverance.
  • Find your Purpose and let go of limiting beliefs. 
  • Cultivate Vigor, Vitality and Endurance.
  • Shift from hopelessness and apathy to a mind-set of Joy and Enthusiasm.

Five Modules of Qigong Exercises, Meditations, Written Material, Journaling Prompts! 

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Follow your path to Transformation 

Embrace your Vision

Vision fuels your power of intention. Your Vision is aligned with your true purpose. You have Visions big and small, across all areas of your life. What are you here to do with your life? What are your gifts, and how can you share them with the world to live with a deep sense of meaning and fulfillment? Your Vision brings you inspiration, energy - and activates your intuition. Your Vision serves as a guide to making the best choices to move you along your path.

Engage your Inner Mastery

Mastery is consciously managing your energy at every level: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sensing your body, feeling your emotions and energy, observing your thoughts; and using your body, emotions and mind the way you intend. Mastery is being conscious of what you are letting go of, and of what you are inviting in. Mastery is developing a relationship with your higher self.


Experience true Freedom

True Freedom is attained when Mastery and Vision hold hands. Embodying Mastery, you are self-reliant while still maintaining healthy relationships and uplifting others. Your Vision follows an inspired path, bringing the greatest benefit to yourself and others - both during the journey and upon completion. True Freedom is persevering in Mastery and Vision with authentic Joy and Enthusiasm.


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Experience the Impact of Qigong


“Qigong Master, most certainly describes Adam.  The life energy that he embodies, transmits, and teaches is so very clear and steady. Adam introduced me to Qigong in a way that connected with my intellect, spirit, and physical being.  His way of teaching and presenting movements, connected with breathing, imagery, and inspirational phrases, gave me an introduction that progressed to keen interest and a personal motivation to incorporate Qigong into my life. I receive continual encouragement from Adam that feels very supportive.”


Adam Holtey’s 3-Phase Qigong program is fun and his caring and relaxed demeanor made me excited to start the practice. I was motivated to try Qigong in order to increase my flexibility and to combat aging. But, it has changed my life in so many other positive ways. I have found that with Qigong, I have also found a fun way to challenge myself physically and mentally. I have reduced my blood pressure to a healthy level. For the past five years I have battled my high blood pressure. Pressure going as high as 214/112 and never being in the normal range, my range was 130-150 / 90-100. In just five weeks of Qigong, my blood pressure is 107/69, I am ecstatic. I have increased my strength and my energy level is soaring. It also helps me make it through normal life with far less stress. I feel Qigong is the best health insurance plan you can buy, considering that preventative medicine is the best medicine. I use to always say I didn’t have time to exercise. You need to make the time in your life for what’s important and what’s important to me is the benefits from practicing Qigong. I feel a lot better–physically and emotionally.


Adam has a unique talent for harnessing and sharing profound applied knowledge that promotes improved health, self-efficacy, and spiritual fulfillment. He ‘walks his talk,’ and his teaching style is clear, positive, patient, and fun!

Attending his classes and studying his writing has led me to many personal breakthroughs with my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing; toward a greater sense of appreciation, gratitude, and empowerment.

I believe that the fundamental and advanced teachings of Qigong truly have the potential to help heal this world, and I know through experience that they can certainly promote healing in an individual.  In my opinion, no one is better at practicing and sharing Qigong than Adam Holtey