Practices to Encourage in Meditation

five elements meditation qigong Feb 14, 2024

Winter is going to be over before we know it, and I urge you to take the next few weeks to dive into the principles and practices of the Water Element. I'll be hosting a Five Element Sync to give an "Elemental Review" of the most important take aways from the last month or so. I'll keep you posted on the date and time I'll be going live - I would love for you to join me!

Make sure you read through to the end of this newsletter - I've got a great video on meditation with some helpful tips for your practice!

Here are a few of the Water Element topics we're going to discuss in the next Five Element Sync:

  • Wisdom 
  • Ethics
  • Will
  • Love
  • And Qigong, of course!

I've enjoyed observing the Winter season move through its process, and to me, it all started with the exploration of ethics, the paramita (enlightened life-practice) for the Water Element. Living an ethical lifestyle can help us overcome our fear, the dominant negative emotion of the Water Element.

When we live right, practicing ethical speech, action, thought, etc., we're less likely to be fearful of the repercussions of acting unethically. We're called at this time to closely monitor our ethics, and do an inventory of how we may improve them.

But fear is just one side of the ethics coin. On the other side, is love! On the one hand, we can improve our ethics by reducing harmful actions and mitigating negative consequences. On the other hand, we can embrace love, and proactively increase beneficial actions.


I find calligraphy practice is a great way to meditate on the principles we explore in each season on our journey with the five elements. This week I have enjoyed practicing the character for "Ethics."  

When we discuss ethics, the questions always remain - how do we effectively put our ethics into practice, and make our ethics consistent with our actions? And, how do we make this a joyful and abundant experience?

Meditation is your ticket! First and foremost, when you commit to a regular practice of meditation, you're demonstrating a sincere will to remember the things you most want to resonate with, and manifest into your life.

Meditation helps you clear the stress and clutter from your mind, and center yourself in love. Through meditation, you may institute love as your motivator, instead of fear, anger, anxiety, or grief.

Love is how we make ethics less boring and less heavy. By centering ourselves in love, we can elevate the energy of ethics from mere knowledge, to wisdom!

I've put together a few short videos on meditation, and I am sharing one of them with you in this newsletter (see the link at the bottom). The video I am sharing gives you a few simple guidelines I practice in my own sitting meditation.


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