Qigong's Gift to Middle Age

meditation mindfulness movement qigong Mar 11, 2024
Qigong in Middle Age

Middle age offers us a great opportunity when we take advantage of mindfulness practices like Qigong. As we mature in years, the faculties of our mind begin to blossom, and Qigong provides us the tools to put these faculties to use for enhanced well-being at every level.

The mind doesn't simply store information like a hard-drive, it has applications that make a direct impact on our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. These applications need to be exercised to function optimally, and to ensure that our body, emotions, and mind continue to develop in an integrated fashion.

Integration is how we achieve the greatest potential from the individual parts of our being, and fulfill the highest purpose of our being, as a whole.

Qigong helps us exercise the mind's applications of concentration and mindfulness to integrate and energize our entire self. I have an incredible Qigong exercise to share with you to apply the ideas we're discussing in your practice (you'll see the link at the end of this post). 

The First Phase of Qigong

In my system of 3 Phase Qigong, the first thing we do (in phase 1) is practice bringing the mind to the body. The best way to do this is through mindful movement. As we move mindfully, we begin to hear our body talking to us, and we open a line of communication between our body and mind.

Our minds direct our energy, as in the expression, where your attention goes, energy flows. If we want our bodies to be energized, we can practice the movements of Qigong, that bring our attention throughout our whole body in an optimal way.

Qigong has developed an effective system of movements that are based on balancing the major meridians of your energy body. Meridians are the pathways upon which energy (and mind) travel. Your meridians are also connected in specific ways to the various systems in your body (muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, etc.), and to all of your internal organs.

By incorporating your body with movement, your energy through breath, and your mind by concentration - and by utilizing the meridians - Qigong integrates and harmonizes your whole being!

The mind has a powerful healing effect upon the body, but Qigong also has a profound effect on the mind. As you practice Qigong, your body begins to absorb, or integrate, your mind - your body becomes a happy home for your consciousness. Your mind becomes more stable, focused, and energized as a result of your body becoming more open and comfortable.

By understanding that integration of the body, energy, and mind is the key to well-being, you free yourself from a common misconception. Some people (myself included) get caught up in the idea that meditation is the end-all goal of a Qigong (or yoga) practice.

True, meditation is usually one of the late flowers to blossom, but it is not an end. Rather, it is just another beautiful piece that adds radiance and a sweet aroma to the garden of your practice!

Meditate we must, but we must also keep moving our bodies - for sure! And the more effective we become in our meditation practice, the more our bodies will benefit from the energy they receive through the mindfulness component of Qigong movement.

Here is a link to the video I am posting on YouTube for a limited time. In the video, I share an incredible Phase 2 Energy Meditation that integrates the energy of your body, heart, and mind. With practice, you'll feel the energy connect from root to crown, and extend to the earth and the cosmos!

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