Lunar New Year Opportunity!

lunar new year meditation qigong Feb 21, 2024
Happy Lunar New Year

How's your Qigong practice going? Are you finding room to make time for your practice? The New Year seems a bit distant now, but we've got a second chance for new beginnings with the Chinese New Year - which is happening right now!

We still have time to utilize the wisdom of the Winter season and the Water Element to help us manifest our visions for the coming year. In this post, I urge you to act on the energy of the season and engage in planning, and consider what you want to practice in the months and years ahead.  

Meditation is always a helpful exercise for both planning and practice, so I've shared a new energy meditation for you to enjoy at the end of this newsletter!



It's good to plan, right? We've all heard the phrase, "failing to plan is planning to fail." My own experience with planning is that it's most effective for me to dive into it for a good period of time, until I've just about reached a point of compulsiveness. Once the plan is complete though, I can let it go, and it's time to move onto the next phase - action!

We're just about to that time when we're called to act. Winter is planning time, and Spring is the time to get moving. Now is our last chance to set our plans straight, before the days get long and the warm weather gets the energy circulating.

Starter Tip

If you're stuck on how to get busy planning, it can be helpful to step back and do a quick inventory of the different facets of your life, to see where you want to start. For example, you've got your relationships, your health, your career, and other areas of your life that all benefit from planning.

Try to pick just one area of your life that is currently one of your top priorities. In addition to what I suggested above, other areas could be recreational, educational, or spiritual. Maybe you want to learn to cook, start a garden, or write a book.

Even if you just get a solid plan in place for one area of your life, you've accomplished a lot, because all areas of your life are connected. When you tidy up one area it has a positive effect on all the others.



As you continuing developing your plans for this year, and consider what you want to grow and develop in your life, it's a good idea to think about what you want to practice!

Similar to starting with one area of your life to plan, start with just one practice you want to develop. When you practice any one thing sincerely, you get good at practicing. When you get good at practicing, you'll have the confidence to learn any new skill you want to cultivate. 

Now, if you want to practice Qigong...

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