Let it Go!

five elements qigong Nov 26, 2023

If the call of Winter time is, "Let it snow," then for the metal element and the Autumn season it should be, "Let it go!"

Chinese medicine and five element theory tell us that if we don't surrender to the natural process of a given season, then we will see the repercussions of this in the following season.

In Autumn, the process is one of letting go and releasing our negative emotions. We need to let this energy release and descend just as the leaves fall from the trees. If we miss out in this process, then our energy fails to descend even further as it is meant to in the Winter time, when we sink to the depths of our being to restore and preserve our vitality.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are great markers for this cycle. Almost inevitably, Thanksgiving gatherings with family, near the end of Autumn, come with some drama, and emotions are often on full display. Hopefully, we can utilize this time with our loved ones to process and release the negative emotional energy we have accumulated throughout the preceding year. If we fail to do so, we may be in for a dramatic Christmas and lose out on an opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in the joys the Winter season offers.

I invite you to join my "Five Element SYNC" community, where I've been sharing helpful qigong exercises and meditations to purge negative emotional energy as we move through the metal element season. When you join the community you can access videos of the exercises I share, and join me live to share your feedback and questions about the material we cover.

You can join the Five Element SYNC community for a 1-month free trial at anytime. Just click on this link, leave me your email, and you will be on-boarded into the online platform. Right away you'll have access to videos of our latest live sessions, and you can communicate with me directly with a message or a post on the feed.

We covered a lot in our most recent live session, including an introduction to helpful principles and practices for the water element that will be important to integrate as we move into the Winter season.