Will Power!

five elements meditation qigong Feb 02, 2024
Winter is a time for the Water Element in our Qigong practice. A time to go into stillness and restore our vitality.

The beauty of nature lies in its ever-changing rhythms, and as we journey through the seasons, we must strive to dance to nature's tune to maintain well-being. If you've been enjoying your winter so far and are looking for ways to sync your energy with the season, I’ve got you covered within the Online Qigong Community!

Our community is all about harnessing the wisdom of Qigong, mindfulness, and self-discovery to lead a more balanced and fulfilling life. And with the winter season upon us, our attention turns to the Water Element. This is a time to mirror the nature of water, descending to our roots and rejuvenating our vitality.

Here's what's happening in our vibrant community

Full Qigong Classes: Dive into the art of Qigong with our newly added full-length Qigong classes. We've already uploaded hours of content, and there's more to come! If you're eager to explore, I recommend starting with the "Phase 2 Qigong Class," designed to support you in our latest challenge.

New Challenge: Join us in a revitalizing two-week journey of practicing the "Charging Posture." This powerful exercise nurtures vitality in the lower dan-tien, your body's vital energy center.

Challenge Support: I am here to guide you every step of the way. In our "Challenge Support" circle, you'll find additional materials to enhance your challenge experience.

Inspirations: I'll be posting a lot of regular content in this new circle in the Community, including samples from my calligraphy practice. I am a beginner, but I can't wait to share what I've learned. If you're into calligraphy or curious to start, your tips and feedback are always welcome. Plus, share your calligraphy samples with our Online Community!

I find calligraphy practice is a great way to meditate on the principles we explore in each season on our journey with the five elements. This month I have enjoyed practicing the character for "Will."  

Meditation Moments: Sorry for this pun, but the principles of the Water Element are deep. To connect with our will we mirror nature during this season and practice stillness, which is why I encourage you to make sitting meditation a part of your regular qigong routine. I'll be sharing several videos soon to show you some tips for meditation that I use in my own practice.

Discover Your Will: Take a moment to reflect on your life's aspirations. What visions drive your passion? What ideals and purposes ignite your energy? Winter encourages self-reflection, a time to revisit dreams you may have set aside. It's when we reconnect with our roots, both physically and spiritually, and recall what we are made of and what we are here to do.

Get Ready for Spring: Spring and its call to action will soon arrive, but during winter, we tap into the wellspring of inspiration that guides our actions, determining their direction and purpose. Join me and fellow qigong enthusiasts in our Community to support each other in this transformative journey!

Live Session Schedule: We're ramping up the live sessions to offer more of what you love! Based on your input, starting Monday, January 29th, we're launching a weekly live session every Monday morning at 9:45 am. Can't make it live? No worries; we'll provide recordings of each session.


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