5 Elementy Sync

Oct 06, 2023

We’ve just passed through the Summer Solstice, and I am celebrating by launching a FREE event, 5 Element Synchronization. For short, I am just going to call it 5 Element Sync. Perhaps the greatest take-away from these sessions is that I will show you how to generate perseverance, patience, concentration, trust, and clarity - at will. You have the power to do this, and I'll provide you with the tools!

I'll be live on Zoom once a month to help you stay in rhythm with the recurring cycle of the natural world and our universe - something you don’t benefit from fighting against or remaining ignorant of!

If you are out of sync with this cycle, you’re inevitably going to experience:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • And worry

And these are just the emotional consequences. When you don’t surrender to the natural flow of creation, you struggle in all areas of your life: your relationships, your health, your finances, your sense of meaning and purpose, and, simply – you just don’t enjoy living your life! And that’s not where you want to be.

In our first 5 Element Sync session:

We'll be doing some Qigong, of course! Then, I will speak briefly about the 5 Elements and dive into the Fire Element specifically since we’ve just passed the Solstice and are now in the Summer season. Fire is unique among the elements, and I am excited it’s where we’re starting!

I’ll share some principles and practices that will help you:

  • Charge your Elemental energies to generate perseverance, trust, concentration, insight, and patience - at will!
  • Avoid Burn-Out
  • Stay connected to your vision
  • Avoid chaos and stay focused and organized, so you keep doing the things you need to do to achieve your goals and make progress in your life, despite all of the crazy and irregularity that Summer throws at you

I am sure you’re going to enjoy the first 5 Element Sync!
It’s going to help you prepare and successfully navigate the inevitable challenges of Summertime; and ensure that you have the energy, clarity, and peace of mind to enjoy the fun experiences you’re planning - because that’s a huge piece of what Summer is all about! 

It’s time to celebrate, enjoy yourself, and experience abundance.


I am sure if you’re reading this, you know that energy is more palpable and powerful when we share time and space together – even if it’s virtually.