Earth Element Introductory Course

A healthy Earth Element feels centered in community and has a strong connection with the gifts she has to share with others. When in balance, the Earth Element is resilient to worry and over-thinking, and exhibits genuine concern and generosity. This Introductory Course helps you cultivate a strong Earth Element constitution, as part of your path toward Five Element Mastery. Learn the Qigong form associated with Earth, practice affirmations that build the spirit of the Earth energy, and discover the principles and characteristics of the Earth Element to apply in your journey to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

What you get with the Earth Elelement

Great Experience!

I wish to say a thank you to Adam for his warm, easy and informative sessions. The Five Element approach on three different levels of our beingness was very helpful and easy to follow. I loved the tapping warm-up and have added that to my routine. He is a very kind and generous teacher. The class was both fun and informative. I also loved the emails before/after the class with meditations and exercises. It is always helpful to have ways to deal with and understand our emotions in physical ways. I loved the colors and affirmations too!

~ Kate L.

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