Qigong for the Water Element

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Your Path to Vitality: 

  • Water sinks to the lowest depths, and Winter is a time to descend to your roots to restore vitality through deep abdominal breathing.
  • Nourish your kidneys and bladder through qigong, meditation and affirmation.
  • Release fear and cultivate WisdomWinter is a time to strengthen your physical and spiritual core.
  • Restore and preserve your Vitality. Water Element Qigong strengthens the root infrastructure of your physical and energetic anatomy.

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Qigong Exercises, Meditations, Supportive Text from Adam Holtey's book, "Five Element Mastery", Journaling Prompts and more!

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What’s in the course​

  • The Water Element Online Course with 8 modules and 20 lessons!
  • Supportive text from Adam's book, Five Element Mastery, with principles of Qigong and Five Element Theory.
  • Qigong warm-up exercises and concluding exercises.
  • Video instruction in the Water Element Qigong forms, and the "Integrative Breathing" sequence to develop deep abdominal breathing.
  • Audio meditations to utilize the healing color, visualize the meridians, and cultivate the healing attributes of the water element.
  • Journaling prompts for every module.
  • Two bonus videos!

Great Experience!

I wish to say a thank you to Adam for his warm, easy and informative sessions. The Five Element approach on three different levels of our beingness was very helpful and easy to follow. I loved the tapping warm-up and have added that to my routine. He is a very kind and generous teacher. The class was both fun and informative. I also loved the emails before/after the class with meditations and exercises. It is always helpful to have ways to deal with and understand our emotions in physical ways. I loved the colors and affirmations too!

~ Kate L.

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