$149.00 USD

Initial Consultation & Follow up Session

Following Your Path of Highest Calling and Unleash Your True Self. 

Tap into your full potential and live a life aligned with your true purpose.

I'm here to help those struggling with low energy levels, challenging relationships, and lacking inspiration.

What you'll get:

  • Detailed Questionnaire to help clarify your goals
  • 30 Minute Initial Consultation to review your goals and gain more clarity on our vision
  • 45 Minute Follow-Up Session. During this session, you will receive practices and tools to get you started on your path of your true self!

What People Are Saying:

Adam has a unique talent for harnessing and sharing profound applied knowledge that promotes improved health, self-efficacy, and spiritual fulfillment. He 'walks his talk,' and his teaching style is clear, positive, patient, and fun! Attending his classes and studying his writing has led me to many personal breakthroughs with my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing; toward a greater sense of appreciation, gratitude, and empowerment. I believe that the fundamental and advanced teachings of Qigong truly have the potential to help heal this world, and I know through experience that they can certainly promote healing in an individual. In my opinion, no one is better at practicing and sharing Qigong than Adam Holtey.

Mike Allen, Performance & Wellness Consultant

Qigong Master, most certainly describes Adam. The life energy that he embodies, transmits, and teaches is so very clear and steady. Adam introduced me to Qigong in a way that connected with my intellect, spirit, and physical being. His way of teaching and presenting movements, connected with breathing, imagery, and inspirational phrases, gave me an introduction that progressed to keen interest and a personal motivation to incorporate Qigong into my life. I receive continual encouragement from Adam that feels very supportive.

Ian Wessler