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SYNC Community & Five Element Master Class


What you get:

12 months SYNC Community Subscription ($144 Value)

  • Monthly online meetings, with lessons, coaching, and time to get your questions answered. 

 Five Element Mastery Course ($339 value)

  • 21 modules and 70 lessons 
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What Students are Saying

Adam is a kind and generous teacher

I wish to say a thank you to Adam Holtey of Ashland or a warm, easy and informative class on In sync Qi Gong. I recently participated in a zoom class with Adam. The five element approach on 3 different levels of our beingness was very helpful and easy to follow. I loved the tapping warm up and have added that to my routine. He is a very kind and generous teacher. The class was both fun and informative. I also loved the emails before/after the class with meditations and exercises. It is alwasy helpful to have ways to deal with and understand our emotions in physical ways. I loved the colors and affirmations.

~ Kate Lynde


Your classes have been invaluable

I took about a dozen Qigong classes from you in Central Point many years ago. In the last few years I've built my own Qigong practice using your classes and parts of videos from several other practitioners. Your classes have been invaluable, because your instruction focused on the importance of breathing, stretching and balance as we flow through the movements. Balance is often not mentioned in other instruction, but I think it's an important goal to keep in mind as we become familiar with the routine. Striving to maintain balance also keeps you focused on your body and focused in the moment. In the last few years I have practiced several times a week, and am working towards the goal of a daily Qigong practice to maintain flexibility, strength and overall health. I'm 66, and I believe this is a practice I can continue for the rest of my life. Thank you for your dedication.

~Genetta Hughes

What's in the Course & Community Subscription

Five Element Mastery Course
  • 21 modules and 70 lessons
  • Qigong warm-up and concluding exercises.
  • Video instruction in each of the Five Element Qigong forms.
  • Audio meditations to utilize the healing colors, visualize the meridians, and cultivate the healing attributes of the elements.
  • Journaling prompts for every module.
  • Detailed charts of the five element meridians.
  • Insights into the connection between the five elements and the six syllable mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum.
  • Five element rituals to honor the changing of the seasons.
  • Guidance in utilizing the archetypes of the five elements.
SYNC Community

Clarify your vision, amplify your mastery, and embrace true freedom.

Join Adam in 5 Element SYNC and create lasting change. 

SYNC sessions are opportunities to interact live with Adam and the community. New lessons and insights each session, ask questions, and receive personal coaching (recordings of all sessions available). You will also receive weekly emails with exclusive content and access to all the worksheets and additional materials Adam shares!

Stay in rhythm with the ever-changing cycle of the Five Elements to maintain a high energy level and stay attuned to the insights every season has to offer for self-growth and greater well-being!

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