Qigong for the Metal Element

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Your Path to Balance: 

  • Send healing energy to your lungs and large intestine through qigong, meditation and affirmation.
  • Release sorrow and develop Courage and Perseverance.
  • Find your Purpose, and let go of limiting beliefs. 
  • Cultivate Vigor, Vitality and Endurance.
  • Shift from hopelessness and apathy to a mind-set of Joy and Enthusiasm.

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Join Adam in the Five Element Sync, his online platform for live-sessions in Qigong. Plus, you receive weekly content to stay in rhythm with nature and cultivate well-being in body, mind and spirit! Post in the feed to get your questions answered and receive support from Adam and your online community of qigong enthusiasts!

Qigong Exercises, Meditations, Supportive Text from Adam Holtey's book, "Five Element Mastery", Journaling Prompts and more!

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What’s in the course​

  • 8 modules and 20 lessons!
  • Supportive text from my book, Five Element Mastery, with principles of Qigong and Five Element Theory.
  • Qigong warm-up exercises and concluding exercises.
  • Video instruction in the Metal Element Qigong forms.
  • Audio meditations to utilize the healing color, visualize the meridians, and cultivate the healing attributes of the metal element.
  • Journaling prompts for every module.
  • Two bonus videos!

Great Experience!

I wish to say a thank you to Adam for his warm, easy and informative sessions. The Five Element approach on three different levels of our beingness was very helpful and easy to follow. I loved the tapping warm-up and have added that to my routine. He is a very kind and generous teacher. The class was both fun and informative. I also loved the emails before/after the class with meditations and exercises. It is always helpful to have ways to deal with and understand our emotions in physical ways. I loved the colors and affirmations too!

~ Kate L.

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